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Sweetwater Pool & Spa Center proudly features PDC Spas. With over 52 years of innovative hot tub design, PDC has created among the most elegant and feature rich spas in the world.

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Release the Tensions of the Day In The Soothing Waters of a Spa

Studies show most Americans wish they had more time in the day to relax. Unwinding in a spa is the perfect way to make that time. Soaking in a spa relaxes tired muscles, promotes circulation and relieves mental stress and tension.

Here are just a few tips to help you achieve a little R & R:

  • Lower the ringer on the phone and turn on the spa in enough time to have it ready for sunset.
  • Pour a capful of aromatic fragrance into the spa water.
  • Put on a relaxation CD with nature sounds.
  • Bring your favorite book of meditations, poems or novel.
  • Dim the lights.
  • Meditate. Imagine you are on a deserted island and the troubles of the world are miles away. Remember, this is your moment.